Spectrum Internet & TV

The Reserve Condominiums at Scioto Crossing Association provides a Spectrum Internet & TV package to all units in the Association, included in the operating assessment paid to the Association.

The Spectrum Internet and TV package includes:

  • Spectrum TV Bronze Package (230 channels of TV). View the channel lineup at this link.

  • 2 HD set top boxes to connect televisions. Additional boxes are available for a monthly fee, paid to Spectrum.

  • Free streaming through the Spectrum App.

  • Internet with free cable modem and wireless router (Up to 400x20 mbps).

  • Access to Spectrum WiFi Hotspots nationwide.

  • Discounts for residents who purchase upgraded services.

The included services have a retail value in excess of $180.00/mo. Any upgrades or additional services purchased will be billed directly to the unit owner through an individual account with Spectrum.

The discounted pricing will be automatically applied to your Spectrum bill. If you are a current Spectrum customer, you don't have to do anything to benefit from this service, it will be automatically applied to your bill in March.

Example Upgrades Available (prices subject to change):

  • Additional Cable Box: $7.99/mo.

  • Premium Networks (i.e. HBO): $15-$20/each.

    • Showtime: $15.00/mo.

    • HBO: $15.00/mo.

    • Starz: $9.99/mo.

    • Sports: $5.00/mo.

    • Gold Package: $50.00/mo. includes Encore, Starz, The Movie Channel and Showtime.

  • 1 Gbps Internet: $199 activation fee plus $60.00/mo.

  • Spectrum Voice Phone Service: $12.99/mo.

  • DVR Service: $7.99 per box + $12.95/mo.

  • Spectrum Mobile Unlimited data, calling and texting mobile service for $45.00/mo.

To order new service, or to change or upgrade your services, please call Spectrum at 833.697.7328.

For Customer Support, please call Spectrum at 833.697.7328. Please have a copy of a recent Spectrum invoice available when you call.

You may also visit Spectrum.net/community for additional support. We are "standard customers", not "WiFi customers".

Spectrum customer support hours: 8 AM - Midnight

If you need additional equipment to connect to the Spectrum Service, they will ship it directly to your home, upon request, or they can schedule it for pickup at any Spectrum store. The nearest Spectrum store is on Dublin-Granville Road, near Whole Foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if something isn't working right? Please call the dedicated Spectrum call center for all support and service requests.

How much does each Unit pay to Spectrum for these services? $0.00. If you do not order additional upgraded services from Spectrum, there is no charge from Spectrum for the included services, which are paid for by the Association.

Are units required to use Spectrum services? No. You are still permitted to use competitors, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Dish Network, and DirecTV, but the included services are free to you from Spectrum. If you do not want Internet or TV service, you are not required to accept any services from Spectrum.

Do I need to cancel my current Spectrum Account? No. You can keep your existing Spectrum Account, and your services will be discounted when the new arrangement becomes effective. Your account will continue to be listed in the name of the resident.

Do I need to call Spectrum to participate? No, the discount will be applied automatically to accounts with an address matching a unit address in our Association. But, you may want to call to confirm that your account has been transitioned to "bulk services".

How can I open a new account? Please call our dedicated Spectrum call center line to order new services.

Can I opt out of the Spectrum fees? No. You must pay the same operating assessment as the other unit owners, whether you use the Spectrum services or not.

My employer reimburses me for Internet service, how can I get a receipt? Please e-mail ReservePresident@SciotoCrossing.org to request a letter from the Association as your evidence that Internet services are included in the operating assessment you pay.

What do I do about my e-mail address from att.net or other internet provider? You should use an e-mail account that is independent from your Internet Service Provider, so that you don't have to change your e-mail address when you move or switch providers. Gmail.com is free, popular, and excellent. Other free options include Outlook, and iCloud.

May I keep my phone number? Yes. If you switch your phone service to Spectrum, you may keep your phone number. Please keep your current phone service active until you have completed the switch and your phone number is working through Spectrum. If you cancel your current phone service, your phone number will not be able to port to Spectrum.

May I use my own router or cable modem? Yes. Spectrum will provide a cable modem and WiFi router for free, but you are also welcome to use your own.

Is there an installation fee? No. Spectrum provides equipment and thorough self-installation instructions for free. If you need a technician to visit your Unit to assist with the installation, you will be billed directly for the installation fee.

Is there a cancellation fee? No. You may downgrade services or cancel at any time.

Will other discounts (senior/military) apply? Possibly. There are no additional discounts at this time, but Spectrum may offer discounts on upgraded services in the future.

Can I order DVR service for just one cable box? Yes. You may choose to add DVR service to one or more cable boxes, for an upgrade fee.

Can I use a TiVo, or other 3rd party, DVR? Yes. If you need to rent CableCards from Spectrum to use your device, there may be a small rental fee billed directly to you.