Declaration and Rules

Reserve at Scioto Crossing - Declaration and Bylaws (opt).pdf

Declaration and Bylaws

The Declaration and Bylaws are approved by the property owners and filed with the county recorder.

RCSC Handbook.pdf

Resident Handbook

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are approved by the board of directors.

Resident Handbook Review

During the month of June 2021, Unit Owners are invited to provide comments and suggestions on the Resident Handbook, which will be updated and amended by the Board of Directors this summer. Please click on the copy of the Resident Handbook to the right, and insert any comments and suggestions into the document.

Handbook Review by Unit Owners (2021)
RSCA Lease Addendum.docx

Lease Addendum

If you are renting your property, please complete this Lease Addendum, and provide a complete copy of the signed lease, this signed addendum, and an updated Owner Information Form to our Property Manager.

Satellite Dish Policy & Waiver.pdf

Satellite Dish Policy and Waiver

Satellite dishes must be installed in a freestanding weighted mount within your patio or balcony, and may not be attached to the common area, including the grass, without written permission from the board of directors.

Architectural Review Form.pdf

Architectural Review Form

If you wish to attach to or modify a Common Element or Limited Common Element, please complete this form and allow the Board with an opportunity to review and consider your request.

Contractor for Unit Owner Agreement.pdf

Contractor Insurance Disclosure Agreement

If you are having a contractor perform work on your Unit, please make sure they carry workers' compensation insurance, and use insured subcontractors. The Association would like them to sign this Disclosure and provide a copy of their workers' compensation certificate.

RSCA Exterior Decoration Policy.pdf

Unit Exterior Decoration Policy

Please do not place anything in the Common Area without Board Approval.

If you place decorations within a shared limited common element, you must obtain approval of the other Unit Owners who share that space.

RSCA Document Request Form.pdf

Document Request Form

Please use this form to request documents or information that is not published on the website.

Paint Specification.pdf

Approved Paint Colors