Sale and Transfer Information

Are you a buyer in contract, or potential buyer of a home within The Reserve Condominiums at Scioto Crossing Association?

Operating Assessment: $375.00/mo., due on the 1st of each month. A $50 late fee accrues on the 11th.

There is a $500 transfer fee due to the Association at closing. Buyers are also required to submit the below Owner Information Form within 10 days of closing.

Please be sure to review the Declarations and Rules as well as the Scioto Crossing Park Association Declaration and Bylaws.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Prior to closing, you may obtain a final water bill, as of your planned closing date by contacting Guardian Water & Power at 614.388.6026 with a photograph of your current meter reading. Unpaid water bills will remain a lien on the property, and buyers should pay the unpaid bills and seek reimbursement from the sellers.

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FHA & VA Pre-Approval. Our Association is NOT pre-approved by FHA and VA. This does not mean that you cannot obtain an FHA or VA guaranteed loan, but your lender will need to gather the documentation needed to have the unit approved as part of the loan process.

Owner Info Form.pdf
RCSC Condo Questionnaire.pdf

Sample Lender Questionnaire.

Please request a current Questionnaire for your transaction.

Articles of Incorporation.PDF

Articles of Incorporation

RCSC Budget 2021.pdf

2021 Budget

RCSC Insurance Cert 2019.pdf

Insurance Certificate

Declarations - Complete.pdf


RSCA Bylaws.pdf


RCSC Handbook.pdf

Resident Handbook

Rules, Regulations, & Policies

Notice to Selling Unit Owner, Listing Agent & Title Companies

Dear Unit Owner and Listing Agent:

The following obligations are contained in the Declaration, Article III § 2(n):

  1. Notify the Association within 5 days of the transfer.

  2. Provide the Purchaser with a copy of the Association organizational documents, all rules and regulations, and the Unit Information Form.

  3. Pay the Transfer Fee of $500.00 due at closing.

Water Bills: Please pay your water bill prior to closing, or credit the buyer for your water usage. Water meters are typically read near the end of the month and invoices are issued near the 10th of the following month. If you need information about the current water bill, please call Guardian Water & Power at 614.291.3141. If you need information about current assessments due, please call 614.918.2100 Any unpaid assessments and unpaid water bills will become an assessment against the Unit, subject to liens and foreclosure.

Assessments: Please pay all assessments accrued through the date of closing. Assessments are due on the 1st of the month. If the unit assessment has not been paid on the 11th, a $50 late fee will be assessed. If closing is going to occur near the beginning of the month, please pay the assessment in advance, and add a credit to the closing statement, to avoid the late fee. Payments received late from a title company will not be excused the late fee.

Payments: The Transfer Fee and Assessments should be made as follows:

Please make your check payable to "The Reserve Condominiums at Scioto Crossing Association", please remit to:

The Reserve Condominiums at Scioto Crossing Association

c/o Lifestyle Property Management

P.O. Box 97861

Las Vegas, NV 89193-3504

Be sure to include the following:

Management Company ID: 2566

Association ID: RSC

Unit ID: Unit Number & 2 digit street code. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Example Memo Line: 2566 RSC 1234EG

At closing, please transfer possession of any common area building keys and the clubhouse SecuraKeys. Replacement SecuraKeys can be purchased from the Park Association for $6.

Requests to Remedy: Requests to remedy the condition of common area property may be sent by e-mail to The Association always appreciates reviewing the professional assessment of the condition of the property, but notes that a buyer’s property inspection does not create any obligation for the Association to complete a repair. The Board of Directors will add repairs to the maintenance list in the sole discretion of the Board.

Real estate signs: Please note that for sale and open house signs are not permitted in the common area, and only one sign is permitted in a Unit window. Open house signs, flags, balloons, or other decorations are not permitted anywhere in the common area.

Lockboxes: DO NOT attach a lockbox to any common area door or fixture. Upon notice to the Association, you may attach a lockbox to the metal bar located inside each dumpster enclosure. Please provide notice to

Dumpsters: As you are cleaning up and preparing to move, please observe all dumpster rules, including no furniture, or large amounts of trash. Only normal bagged household trash may be placed in the Association’s dumpsters. If you need bulk pickup of furniture or large amounts of trash, please contact a junk hauling service. DO NOT leave furniture or trash outside the dumpsters.

Rental of Units: Units may not be rented without written authorization from the Board of Directors, and rentals are subject to restrictions and rules contained in the Declaration and Resident Handbook. Unauthorized rental of a unit will result in a penalty assessment, and possibly eviction of the tenants, all at the expense of the unit owner.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter, and good luck with your sale.

Please forward this letter to the title company and give a copy to the buyer, once you are in contract.


The Reserve Condominiums at Scioto Crossing Association