Water & Sewer Services

Scioto Crossing Water Bill Calculation

To use this calculator, click the button in the upper-right corner to open the spreadsheet, or click this link.

Contact your individual association regarding water billing. Unpaid water bills, from current or past owners, may result in a lien against the property, late fees and collection costs. Please timely pay your water bills.

Water rates are set to pass through the costs of the water service.

Questions about water service should be directed to your property manager or board of directors.

Water Portals

Each Unit may sign up to obtain water information through our self-service portals, using the instructions below.

Estates 3 Residents:

  1. Visit Portal.GuardianWP.com

  2. Click on the Resident Login

  3. Click the green "New User? Click here to create your account."

  4. Fill in the Account Number from a water bill, your name, e-mail, and a password.

Estates, Estates 2, and The Reserve Condos:

  1. Visit New.MyMeterReads.com

  2. Click the blue LOGIN button in the upper-right.

  3. Click on the green End User Login button.

  4. Click "Register with Email Address" at the bottom.

  5. Fill out the User Registration completely.

  6. In the Address field, enter only your street number (i.e. "7850"), then click Search.

    1. You may also search by Property Code, using the following codes:

      1. Estates: 13733

      2. Estates 2: 13735

      3. Reserve: 13727

  7. Scroll down to find your address and then click "Add Unit to Dashboard" or "Select this Property"

  8. You should receive a notice "Unit Mapped", and you can click "Go to Dashboard".

  9. Your property will not be listed in your dashboard, until one of us logs in and approves the registration.

  10. View this PDF for more details.

SC Water Meter Test.pdf

Printable version of the Water Meter Test form.