Amazon Key

For all Residents, including townhomes:

The Scioto Crossing Park Association is now offering secure package delivery from Amazon. Residents take advantage of this new service, by having packages delivered to the clubhouse (7850 Scioto Crossing Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016). If you know you won't be home, or prefer to have packages delivered to a secure building with video surveillance, you can direct Amazon to deliver your package to you, using your name, but the street address of The Scioto Crossing Park Association Clubhouse (7850 Scioto Crossing Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016).​ The package will be delivered inside the door at the Clubhouse, and Amazon will notify you by e-mail or push notification, of the completed delivery. You can then bring your registered keyfob over to the Clubhouse to pickup your package. For more information about this service, please visit Amazon.

For example, you could setup a shipping address in Amazon as follows, and the package will be delivered inside the Clubhouse:

Sarah Smith
7850 Scioto Crossing Blvd
Dublin, OH 43016

Residents may also choose to utilize Amazon Key to make deliveries to your garage, if you install a MyQ garage door opener and register with Amazon Key. For more information, visit Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery.

Garden Flats Residents:

​All garden buildings (numbers 9-15) are now equipped with Amazon Key, which allows Amazon delivery drivers to open the front door to the common area of each building, to make deliveries inside our secure buildings. There is no fee or setup. Your packages will automatically be delivered indoors, if your address matches one of the 64 units in buildings 9-15.


Can delivery drivers re-enter the building once they complete their delivery?

No, delivery drivers cannot re-enter the building once they’re done with all the building’s deliveries.

Will Key for Business change the existing access experience for my residents?

Residents can continue to use their existing access methods. Key for Business does not disrupt the existing building access system.

How can I verify the legitimacy of a Key for Business Amazon representative?

Call 1-844-589-6855 to verify a representative is affiliated with Amazon.

What about other delivery services (UPS, FedEx, US Mail)?

This service only works with Amazon deliveries. Other delivery services do not yet offer a similar service.